a friendly surprise

Everyone has a different reaction to surprises – this weekend was one of the few times where everyone I know had the same reaction – excitement.  This past week our friends Ryan and Marie, organized yet another event.  They got everyone together for what was supposed to be a celebration party, in honor of their “big announcement”.  Once we all gathered in a room expecting them to announce something big (along the lines of engagement), and our friend Kellen came walking around the corner.  We were all quite surprised, well done.  Kellen was a fellow scientist here before attending business school, and my housemate for a couple years so he knows many of us well.  (side note – this surprise was not much unlike the one we planned about a year ago for the last time Kellen arrived in town)

Anyway I think he got to spend the weekend catching up with many old friends, culminating in a BBQ complete with Keystone light and grilled meat (above).  Thanks for the surprise dude, we hope you had a good visit.

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