A room for all seasons

This weekend Chelsea and I started on what we hope is the last major indoor project for the house.  The master bedroom used to be a daycare, and there is a small room just off it that served as an entrance separate from the front of the house.  This room was poorly finished and basically served as storage for our tools and such.  In an effort to maximize the square footage of the house, as well as utilize any “bonus” rooms we had (mud rooms, finished basements etc qualify) we decided that if the entire rest of the house got a makeover we couldn’t skip that last room.

Naturally this room again had wood paneling, but in this case it was faux wood with plastic trim.  We could have painted over the paneling had it been installed nicely and well-maintained but as you can see below it was not so nice.

We also had to do something with the floor, which was two linoleum remnants poorly fastened together and to the floor.

We took advantage of the warm weather this weekend and pulled down the paneling, ripped up the floor and basically have exposed studs (which were insulated properly, a pleasant surprise!).  Sounds like a blank canvas to us.  We hope to have it turned around in a couple weeks so I won’t post again until its done.

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