There are many forms of transitions in life, some good and some bad.  The transition from the winter to summer season (spring) is usually a welcomed sight.  The transition from childhood to adulthood (years 14-25 for me) – maybe not so much.  The rest of this post is dedicated to the transition in our house from one room to another.

As part of our final push to sell the house we have been putting the finishing touches on projects and parts of the house that for one reason or the other had been neglected.  One of those tasks was to put in the last few transitions from the kitchen.  Below is the threshold between the kitchen and a bathroom, with the before and after pictures back to back.

As I’m sure our friends David and Sam can attest, these small pieces of craftmanship are not as easy as cutting a flat piece of wood to size and slapping it in there.  This particulat piece had to bridge the area between two different floors.  What that means in a 160 year old house is neither surface was on the same plane, and actually each was falling away from the center at a different angle.  That made for some creative table saw cuts.

Next we hit the area between the front dining room and the kitchen.  Again no easy task as the floors are on levels about 1.5 inches apart.  This one might be the most dramatic because it was such an eyesore before.  Now I just have to get used to the new piece being there so I don’t trip on it.

This last example was more of a spontaneous decision.  I was already upstairs working on yet another project (more on that later this week) and I thought since we had just banged out two nice transitions downstairs why not spruce this one up a little bit.  The above picture shows the old nasty transition from what was one iteration of the upstairs, to what was obviously an addition.  If you look closely you can see the difference in the floor boards.  As always, this involved our trusty circular saw, but it now makes it much less obvious when you switch from one floor to the other.

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