Door Number 1

As usual, Chelsea and I spent the weekend on various house-related activities.  Saturday was warm and sunny so we took advantage and did plenty of work outside in the yard.  Saturday evening we were lucky to have our friend Dave drop in to town for the evening on his travels across the country.  Sunday we worked on yet another project inside (more on that Wed) watched some college hoops, and then put in a new front door.  That is all.

Not really.  We both get so excited to rip out and change whatever we are working on that very often we forget to take “before” pictures of all of our projects.  Here is an old photo showing what the steel door used to look like.

It didn’t really match the room, and Chelsea’s advisor Paul was nice enough to donate his old front door to the cause.  naturally it was much more difficult to install a new front door than we wanted.  While Chels changed over the locking hardware, I was in charge of routing out the edge of the door to the size of the hinges in order to sink them.  I also had to drill new holes in the frame for the knob and dead bolt to go, as well as sink that hardware.  Thankfully the door fit, and here is a picture of the new door in place with the old door placed next to it.

What I failed to mention is that the floor is not level, or uniform across.  In fact, we could never really open the previous door completely withouth scraping the floor, and there was definitely no room for a rug under there.

Our solution: cut the door.  We cut half an inch from the bottom of the door and now it flows smoothly over the rug as evidenced in this picture.  (side note – I definitely recommend having a sharp saw blade before trying to cut a solid oak door.)  If you look closely at the pattern you can see our new front door looks great, it really classes up that room.   Thanks Paul!

8 thoughts on “Door Number 1”

  1. Be sure to seal the wood that you just cut on the door with paint or wood sealant, otherwise it will take up moisture when it’s humid and will swell = door that no longer closes. Trust me on this one, or come visit our listening room in the summer!

  2. thanks, david!!! that was actually our project for tonight. we didn’t do it last night because we were so tired after getting that door in (it weighs a TON). can we still come visit your listening room in the summer though??? 😉

  3. The rug on the floor looks nice too – it looks like a valued, ah, a valued…

    (and of course you can come over Chelsea! Bring the door sealant with you)

  4. were you listening to the story, nick????

    thanks, david:) i hope to take you up on that. would you prefer high gloss or semi-gloss? sorry, i’m fresh out of flat finish…

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