Who doesn’t need more storage?

Everyone can always use more storage space, be it in your kitchen, basement, garage or in this case digital storage.  Always the ones to think ahead, Chelsea and I have been slowly going through our things trying to narrow down our most essential items.  We don’t really want to have very  much stuff if we move, especially if we go overseas.  After giving away lots of clothing (it didn’t fit well anyway) we both discovered we have something else in common: large binders full of CDs gathering dust.  Some of the discs are store bought CDs, some pirated, and some already compressed – but all of them becoming more and more useless.  The last thing we want to be hauling around with us is 50 pounds of physical media.  Our solution?  Go digital.  We figure with the aggressive pricing of hard drives, we could digitally store all those songs and have one tiny drive to carry around instead.

And here she is.  Our beautiful brand new 1TB LaCie external drive.  We went with LaCie because of build quality, nice cooperation with both PC and Mac, aesthetic design, and of course the price.  At $0.12 per gigabyte it was hard to pass up.

What are you going to put on that thing?  Well….everything.  According to my calculations  based on the numbers on the side of the box, 1 terabyte (1000 GB) is enough space to hold approximtely 270,000 songs and 1 million photos.  Now we just need to find the time to digitally archive all of our music.  (and no we probably won’t go lossless David).  I’m still amazed at the sheer storage capacity involved in such a tiny form factor.  Above is a standard sheet of printer paper for reference.  Who knows? We may even get another, I’m sure we could use it.

4 thoughts on “Who doesn’t need more storage?”

  1. N ce st rage uni . Too ba about n t goi g lossl s.

    (Lossy translation of “Nice storage unit. Too bad about not going lossless.”) – bit of a computer joke there for you.

    Hell, if they’re CDs in a bin chances are you weren’t listening to them anyway…so MP3 encoding will likely be fine. Are you backing it up somehow?

  2. jew bag you lose…


    You might want to get yourself another back up… Lacie drives have a high failure rate. I’ve had 2 of their portable drives take a shit on me. That’s why I started to RAID everything.

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