Ski trip to Greek Peak

Chelsea and I have been trying to plan a trip to go skiing for a few years now, so when our friend Sam asked us if we wanted to join her and some friends this past weekend we happily obliged.  I had only been skiing once, and Chelsea had been snowboarding many times, but never tried skis.  We were hoping this would be a fun experience for the two of us.

Here is Chelsea all bundled up as we waited for our lesson on how to ski.  The lesson went well, though we had a hard time understanding our instructor.  While we both appreciate lessons, I think there is something to be said for the learn by trying method.  I find that I get much better at something after trying it a few times.  We had a hard time convincing our instructor of that.

Well after successfully finishing our training we took a trip down the hill and were certified to ski.  Personally, I feel like skiing is very much like hockey.  The motions are pretty much the same, its kind of like long skates.  By this point we finally realized that we chose the wrong weekend to learn to ski, it was about 10 degrees outside without the wind chill.  After a quick trip inside to warm up I took a few more runs down the slopes.  Although we were supposed to be limited to the beginner hill, I managed to sneak my way onto the pro chair lift, and have full video evidence here:

That is a first hand account of what it is like to go down a black diamond slope with no poles and a camera out in front.  Lookout for the kid that passes me at the end, I got his autograph because you’ll likely see him in the olympics in a few years.

2 thoughts on “Ski trip to Greek Peak”

  1. I hope your lesson consisted of the phrases “french fry,” “pizza,” and “..or you’re gonna have a bad time.”

  2. i’m guessing you were kidding that you were on a black diamond. right? because if so, the standards at Greek are WAY low. Your next trip needs to be anywhere in the Sierra’s… I’d absolutely pay a dollar to see the that video from a black diamond with no poles and a newbie.

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