Advertising to men

It is no secret how to get many men to buy a product: sex and manliness.  While these may seem like two polar opposite theories, they are based on the same carnal driving force.  Men want to impress, they want to be macho, and they like looking at hot chicks.  Mean Joe Green says it is OK to drink Coca Cola, and I’ll definitely buy DirectTV from Jessica Simpson.  I’m not trying to make this a very enlightening post by any means, nor do I really want to get into a major discussion about how best to reach your target audience.  I just want to highlight two attempts at marketing to men that I have come across recently.

The first is Vaseline lotion and skin products for men:

Vaseline certainly isn’t the first to venture into the un-talked about market of men who like soft skin, but they have made a big splash recently.  They even went as far as signing ex-football players and having them push their new lotion on sports talk radio.  Does this really work?

The second example I  want to mention Chelsea noticed tonight when we were at The Home Depot:

Do people really need to buy these lights in pairs?  Who decided they should be displayed like this?  On the unintentional comedy scale this is about an 8.  Who knows, they may be some employee’s idea of a funny joke.  All I know is its aimed at men.

Which brings me back to my earlier point, what is so special about lotion for Men?  Fragrance.  Its probably their most basic lotion, with a “musky” fragrance added.  How do I know this?  I bought a 64oz bottle.  After all, I am a man.

3 thoughts on “Advertising to men”

  1. give Vaseline about 2 months before they expand into the “with warming sensations” line of “soft silky feel” skin products.

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