This Old House: Movie room finished!

Holy Sh*t!  Yes those were the first two words out of the mouth of little Chelsea when she saw the surprise I had been working on all week last week.  She was away at an academic conference from Monday morning until late Saturday night, so I figured I’d get some work done on the movie room to surprise her.  We had done quite a bit of work the past two days, enough that we were almost done with the mudding and sanding of the drywall.  I quickly finished that and thought to myself, “hey I just need a couple coats of paint and to put some trim up and this room will basically be done”.  So that’s what I did.  I worked well into the next day every night (I really hope the neighbors couldn’t hear the table/mitre/circular saws and hammering that I was doing at that time) in an effort to put the finishing touches on.  My only regret is that I didn’t completely finish everything, but its a good thing I didn’t because Chels has a much better eye and hand for detailed painting than I do.  Once she was back, she was immediately inspired to finish what I had started and worked equally as hard to finish the painting, cleaning of the floor (no easy task) and various finishing touches that make the room look so good.  Well enough talk, on to the pictures.  I’ve included some old “before” photos for reference, although they don’t really show the before, since we didn’t take any pictures of the hideous wood paneling.  Without further ado…..

This is what you first see when you enter the room.  The two windows (still working on window treatments) on the western wall.  Quite a big change from the hodge-podge wall that was there before.

And this is taken standing at the west wall looking back toward the door.  You can see we widened the closet doorway (and put a door in) as well as moving it a little bit to the left.  We also installed a light inside the closet, and moved some other electrical stuff around.  This area is my favorite to look at because it changed so much, and all the custom crown molding work that went into it.

This is taking while standing inside the closet and I think the pictures speak for themselves, you can clearly see the improvement.

This wall is just to the the left as you enter the room.  You can see we abolished the doorway that connected the two bedrooms, and created one huge wall.  I wonder what we plan to do with that wall?  Perhaps a movie screen would look good right in the middle.

Anyway, we are really excited to have finally finished our much talked about movie room!  Now we just need to fill it in with stuff.  We already have some furniture moved in, I just need to get the electronics all straightened out and we’ll be watching movies in the comfort of our own home theater in no time!

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