What do you buy online?

To begin my quest back toward regular writing, I thought I’d start slow with something that popped in my mind earlier.  Originally an idea for David to put up as a poll on his site, I decided to keep it for myself.

[poll id=”4″]

This came to mind earlier when I was finalizing the third largest single purchase of my lifetime.  I think I go to the web for just about everything.  Every once and a while I’ll hit a brick and mortar store, but then its only because I absolutely have to find something on short notice, or I really need to see it to be able to buy it and don’t want to deal with the hassle of returns.

Most of the time I think my searching is justified, I always find a good deal on whatever it is I am interested in.  In fact just the other day I went into the local Office Depot which is going out of business and liquidating everything just to see if there was anything I needed.  Turns out I picked up a memory card for our new camera (another story) but only because at 30% off their price was it comparable to what I could find on the web.  I’m interested to see what other people think too.  Please post your thoughts in the comments if you don’t like my poll options.

One thought on “What do you buy online?”

  1. I screwed up – I put electronics and meant to put everything. Of course an advantage of e-shopping other than price is selection, and next to that: no sales tax. If you can manage free shipping, you’re home free.

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