Snow Days

We got about a foot of snow last week, something I personally welcomed – Chelsea not so much.  Its not that I enjoy being cold, but I do like the sight of snow.  We don’t get nearly the amount of snow here compared to where I grew up, so I like it now and again when we get dumped on.  Well, one of my lab mates Heather decided we should capitalize on the opportunity and head out for some sledding.  A couple years ago when we got the best snowstorm I’ve seen here, we all purchased sleds for about $6 (more on that later) and were itching to use them again.

We headed to Cornell’s golf course hoping to successfully avoid the rest of Ithaca, and because we had luck there a few years ago.  Pictured above is our sledding hill, with plenty of tracks going down it.  Kyle is down below trying to build a sweet jump to hit, although I’m not sure he ever hit that bad boy.

Here is the rest of the sledding crew, trying to figure out why I brought a camera, and where I was going to stash it for protection.

This is my personal favorite track.  I hand crafted what was essentially a bobsled run down the steepest drop in the hill area.  This was specifically designed for the little saucer sled, and after a few test go’s and banked corners we were in business.  In fact after a few trips down I wanted to spice it up a little bit and put a jump at the very bottom.

As you can see, that jump was definitely a success.  Too bad I didn’t spend more on the sled.  We had a great couple of hours in what was the perfect weather for sledding.  Not too cold that the snow isn’t moldable, and not too warm that all you get it wet.  As I kid I couldn’t wait for official snow days, so why should that stop now?

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