Happy Thanksgiving

**This post was supposed to automatically post a while back, but since my upgrade to the new wordpress I guess that was lost somewhere.  Anyway, sorry for the paucity of updates, I’ll try to have more in the next few weeks.**

Our trip to Teha wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Santa’s wonderland.  Always living in the Northern part of the country (the part that gets snow every winter) I had a hard time picturing the celebration of Christmas and related festivities without snow.  There is something about a light dusting of snow that makes those lights around the house look a little better.  Apparently to get around the lack of snow, someone in the brain trust near College Station decided to go ahead and make a drive through enchanted light forest, complete with fake snow.

You can see the giant electric cowboy boots flanking the entrance, and how spectacular the lights looked.  The brochure boasted over 1 million LED lights (yes they are trying to go green and save money).  I don’t have any other good pictures of this because no one thought to bring a camera and the camera on my cell phone is -1MP.

Thanksgiving day was met with some fantastic cooking by the McLean sisters.

We all shared a feast and I know that I personally took a little time to reflect on how lucky I am.  This past year has brought a lot of change in my life (all good) and I’m very thankful for that.  Actually, I’m thankful for too many things to bother to list here, I hope everyone else had an equally satisfying Turkey break.

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