Don’t mess with Texas

In part 1 of the Thanksgiving adventure I’ll start where our trip started.

I snapped this shot with my cellphone (don’t tell the fight attendant) during our descent into DC.  The sun coming up over the clouds was really pretty, and a cool effect and as we dropped down through the clouds and it was dark as night.

Texas has a different culture than any state I’ve ever lived in – call me a yankee.  There are giant stars on everything, the roads are at times very complicated and everything is just………a little different.  This is evidenced by the two speed limits, one for the daytime, and one for the night.  (side note: this picture was taken through the car window traveling at 70+mph.  Way to go Canon)  Its hard to explain, there is the same amount of commercialization, in fact almost the entire state that we got to see looked like one giant strip mall, and I’d estimate one of three vehicles was some sort of truck.  Maybe more on this later, but it wouldn’t be an official trip to Texas without some real barbeque.  After eating ourselves into a food-coma, we decided a walk would be good.

Piles like this were frequent in the area we walked.  Study this picture and then look at the next.

Time to play the game of “what is different in this picture?”.  If you look closely there is a new dark colored spot on the left hand side of the dirt hill.  These are ants.  Faaar Ents (fire ants).  This is an ant hill and when kicked, the ants get pissed and swarm the surface.  Even the ant hills are bigger in Texas.

Anyway we made it back to Chelsea’s sister’s house where we were staying and were warmly greeted by this awesome rendition of the creepy garden gnome.

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