Birthday Celebration

Yes, Happy Birthday to me.  I  can’t really think of a better way to celebrate (your) life than to surround yourself with those people that are important to you and have a grand time.  This is exactly what I got to do last night, going out with some friends to a couple places.  Our first stop was the Ithaca Ale House, for some eggplant fries and flights of beer (pictured above).  I enjoy the concept of a beer flight, it gives you the rare opportinity to try many beers, but the volume isn’t enough that you get stuck drinking a ton of one beer you don’t like.  Also, if you order more than one flight and the bartender is feeling friendly, you can be well on your way to a good buzz.  Thanks to all my friends that made it out, and no worries for those people that couldn’t make it.  There will be another chance to see some kid do his best John Mayer impression on stage.

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