This Old House: Designed to Sell


Ever since I bought my house, I have hated the wood “walls” in the dining room.  With a passion.  Not only are they outdated and just plain ugly but also, they aren’t even stained the same color on all four walls.  Not the best way to welcome potential buyers to their potential new home.

This was the site of the former dining room table (see previous post).  Lovely.

I think my favorite feature in this field of view is the high class fireproofing behind the wood stove.  Who doesn’t like unfinished mortarboard bolted to their wall?

And I don’t even know what to say about this one.  Wall to wall wood?  If that’s not a selling point, I don’t know what is.

Apparently, I complained enough about this room that Nick suggested we do something about it.  So, Sunday morning he brought up the idea of priming and painting the hated wood and Sunday afternoon we had one coat of primer and paint up on the walls.

It looks so much better already!!!

Today, the last coat of paint went on and the newly assembled dining room table (minus shattered top, of course) was introduced to its new home.

For a grand total of about four hours of work (including assembling the table), I think we made quite an impact.

Notice the horrible mortarboard is no longer bolted to the wall?  Although the rest of the room looks amazing, I think that is my most favorite little victory here.

And the wall to wall wood is gone too!

Now, all we have to do is finish the new coat closet in the other corner…

(edit by Nick: and put up crown molding and trim around the room)

But that’s a post for later:)

2 thoughts on “This Old House: Designed to Sell”

  1. Wow that place looks really nice. I’m impressed that a guy that used a powersaw to get a door-jam to fit into a door-frame was able to do such a nice job.

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