The $1 shipping bargain

“HDS, sir!  And how are you this afternoon…alllllll-righty then.  I have a package for you.”

“sounds broken”.

“Most likely sir.  I bet it was something nice, though.”

This exchange is from one of my top 5 all time movies and applies directly to this post today.  After watching a number of HGTV programs such as “Designed to sell” we have slowly been accumulating ideas on how to best stage her house for potential sellers.  The first bit of advice was to get a new dining room table.  The rationale here is that we would get a smaller table to make the room look bigger.  Here is what the old table looked like:

The color did not match the rest of the room, and the size and shape were a little bit obtrusive.  An ad on craigslist and less than 12 hours later our problem was solved.  Once the old table was out of the way, we found the perfect new table online and especially loved the no tax and $1 shipping from

The new table arrived today in 3 separate boxes.  We immediately did like everyone does when they get packages at the door, find the first sharp utensil and rip open the boxes.  Here is what the large 40 pound box looked like:

Looking at the shapes of the boxes, it was clear that the glass top to the table was shipped in its own box.  We were both a little wary of what kind of delicate shipping we would get for the $1, and our fears were well justified.

These packages were shipped by UPS but it appears they were shipped TDS (Trebuchet delivery service).  If you think I wrote this entire post for that joke, you were right.  Actually I wanted a prelude to the next post which I should probably start writing.

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