“Lets Play a Game”

Our friends Ryan and Marie always go all out for halloween costumes and parties, and this year was no exception.  Here they are dressed up as Sweeney Todd and Mrs. Lovett:

Not ones to dissapoint, they also arranged a fun game for us when we arrived to their house for a halloween party.  I am going to detail it here, so this may be a long post.  Once everyone had arrived Ryan pointed to a bag that was hanging from the light fixture in the dining room.

For those of you familiar with the Saw series of movies this premise is very simple.  There is a tape, and a small player and the voice on the tape is a deep one, but all of the words are chosen for a reason and make some kind of story.

While we were all crowded around the table listening to the tape, Ryan successfully hid all our booze and locked the fridge shut.  The point of the game was to complete all the puzzles in order to finally get the key that will open the fridge.

Here is the first clue:  we have to stare at these pictures in order to find the next clue.  Finding the right combination shoud be as easy as childs play.  Not sure what that means, but somebody figured it out.

Here among the pile of dead babies and mangled animals was a small chest, with a combination lock.  We had to find the right numbers based on the pictures.  Once we did that there was another smaller box inside, that required yet another key.

We found the key behind the pictures, based on a replay of the tape and when we opened the box we found yet another tape.  This tape instructed us that we would have to make a sacrifice, and search for the key in some sort of code that was translated to: eat the jello brain mold on the table.

Lucky for us Jenn took the lead and mouthed the brain, took the first bite of jello.

Inside the brain was another key that opened this chest, which had yet audio clue and key.  This was a CD and relied on our memory.  The disc had a series of songs from scary movies of the past, and the when we listed the titles of the movies in order, the first letters spelled out the next clue.

After searching the basement we found a cooler, and when we opened it there was this and another tape.  A few of us didn’t bother listening to the tape, we knew what to do.  Nirav gutted that fish and pulled out the final key, and was then finally able to open the fridge and let everyone drink.

I think I speak for everyone when I say that this was a very clever and very fun game for halloween.  Thank you so much to our creative and always festive hosts  and Happy Halloween.

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