This Old House: Drywall special

If your plans this past weekend started with the word “dry” and ended in “wall” you probably did what we did.  This is actually the reason for such a paucity in my posts (well that and my annual departmental seminar and thesis committee meeting which always stress me out).  Anyway Chelsea and I decided early last week that we’d push hard this week and try to finish putting up drywall in the remaining rooms upstairs.  Before we could do this we had to install overhead recessed lights in the two large closets (~8ft deep, and tall enough for me to walk into).  She finally hooked up our new circuits into the main breaker in the basement and were good to go.

What is basically about 4 days worth of evening work, 20 sheets of drywall, and 1000 1 1/4” screws later, we have finally covered all the walls upstairs with…..wall.  Please check out our previous post to see what the rooms looked like before, and then browse the pictures below to see what they look like now.  We have really changed the look of some of the rooms (especially the closets) and are happy the way things are shaping up.

This picture illustrates many points, including the new light in the closet, plus the new 36 inch functional closet opening.

I like this one because it shows off one of Chelsea’s creations – an access panel to the crawl space.  This house has gone through at least 2 additions, one of which is relatively recent and is now her bedroom.  This allows access to the attic above that area.

This is just showing the clever door she designed and constructed.

This is one of my favorite pictures.  Use your imagination a little bit and try to replace that tape measure.  What I want  you to see is the diagonal of a projector screen which we will hopefully view plenty of movies on.  This particular tape measure is set at 72 inches, we are discussing what the best size would be for the wall.  I’m sure mockups will be necessary.  How exciting!

This is a picture of the non-movie room where we completely rebuilt the closet and closed off one of the walls.  This picture shows the new functional closet along with some of the old walls.  One of the major challenges I anticipate is working on the transition from the new walls to the old walls.

I also like this picture because it shows where there used to be a doorway and now there is a solid wall, and if you look closely in the background on the right you can see the old school door we recycled.  That door was in the doorway we sealed off, and had to be cut a little bit to fit into our newly created hall closet, but it works.

We are very happy with the progress of the two rooms / hallway.  Maybe this means we can soon return some of the tools we borrowed from friends.  It may also mean that tape and mud will be going up this week.  I’ll keep you posted.

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