Go Rays!

This past weekend Chelsea and I took a trip down to St. Petersburg, Florida to attend the wedding of my cousin Erin.  We considered it a good excuse as a quick getaway from the lab and the impending cold weather, and I wanted to show her off to my family.  Being the internet search king I found a really nice hotel with a balcony view of the gulf right on the beach.  After we arrived we got some sun, grabbed a frozen cocktail at the tiki bar, and then watched the sun set.

We also enjoyed watching the wildlife that lives in the area.  We rescued a crab that was caught in between the sand bars, watched sandpipers dive bomb for fish, witnessed egrets catch fish and somehow swallow them, and saw dolphins come out of the water now and again.

Our favorite was this bird, which we called the velociraptor.  I think it may actually be a Great Blue Heron.  We had fun watching this bird wade in the water, seemingly not minding all the people, and even taking a minute or two to check out what one fisherman had in his pickle bucket.

On to the wedding.  After a nice and short ceremony, we moved on to cocktail hour and then to the reception.  The place was very cool, and I really liked how they put everything together.  My Dad (pictured above) played the role of “that guy” according to himself and decided to get the party started.  He and my Mom danced away for a few songs, and then when this circle of women formed on the dance floor, he circled the room and found mostly friends of the groom to push in the middle.  They finally got their revenge on Uncle Roger, but as you can see above he’s already called out his next victim.

Just a quick one of my own beautiful bride-to-be and kid sister enjoying each others company.

You can’t have a family function and not dance with your own Mom, so thats what we did.  My mom was a dancing machine out there, even rocking out to Outkast songs.

All things considered it was a very nice weekend away.  We wish it could have been longer, but we managed to take a dip in the ocean, soak up some sun, and had a blast with my family.  It really was great to see all my relatives that I don’t see often enough, and I’m glad Chelsea got to meet them as well.

ps the Tampa Bay Rays are now in the American League championship series and it was fun to see all the fairweather fans in the area.  I guess somebody has to beat the Red Sox.

2 thoughts on “Go Rays!”

  1. haha! Can’t wait to meet your Dad, he looks awesome! And how cute that you danced with your Mum. Bless ya.

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