Trip to Beantown

I’m not actually sure why Boston is called “Beantown” and I could not really be bothered to effort that one and find out online, so if anyone knows please fill me in.  Continuing on – Chelsea, Kim, and I went on a trip to Boston to visit our friends Bec and John.  The weather didn’t cooperate so much (we got hosed) but we weren’t deterred and still made it out on the town a little.  Unfortunately we did not take very many pictures of the city or things we did but I’ll try to recapture the fun here.

Any self respecting sports fan can’t go to a city like Boston, NY, or Chicago and not pay homage to the historical baseball park so I was pleasantly surprised when Bec and Kim led us over the bridge to the one and only Fenway Park.  We didn’t get to go inside, but that is fine with me I don’t particularly like the Sox anyway.

Again appealing to my inner manliness we took a trip through one of the rougher appearing areas of Boston and into a gated parking lot only to find this lovely complex of buildings.  I bet you can’t guess what was housed in here.

Ah yes Samuel Adams Brewery.  This is going to be fantastic.

They took us inside and gave a basic overview of what goes into making beer and then a quick tour around the facility.  It was surprisingly small.  Not surprising because I saw the side of a building, but surprising because I know what a major player Sam Adams is in the beer industry.  There were probably only 10-12 primary fermenters at this site.  Our clever tour guide informed us that Sam Adams brews beer at 6 different locations around the country and this site serves as their R&D division and quality control.  I’m guessing some of those other locations are massive scale and they ship samples to the headquarters we visited.

Of course the bonus to the end of the tour was the sampling of fresh brewed beer.  They started us off with the classic Boston Lager and the moved on to the seasonal Octoberfest.  We all generally liked these, with the majority of our group favoring the sweeter more malty Octoberfest.  The third and final beer we got to try was their Chocolate Bock which is under limited production and release.  It was pretty good too, and tasted just like it sounds like a slightly sweet chocolate beer.

Overall we had a fantastic visit to Boston to see our friends and hope that we will be able to make that one again sometime soon.

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