Ithaca chainsaw massacre

Actually the title of this post is misleading.  It will be about a chainsaw in Ithaca, but everything went much better than anticipated (except our sore muscles).  The first order of business was to take care of the apple tree that fell the other day.  Since the tree was too heavy and cumbersome to move from the front patio, we opted to borrow a chainsaw from our friend Ryan and cut it up to remove it.  Not much to document, except here is the clean patio which you can compare to the tree filled one from last week’s post.

Since we had the chainsaw and two beautiful weekend days in Ithaca ( I know – that rarely happens) we figured why not tackle some other stuff in the yard.  And by “other stuff in the yard” I mean the dead tree that washed up in the stream and ended up stuck right behind the house.

This tree  has annoyed Chelsea since its arrival, and it wasn’t going to be there much longer.  We are of the mentality that we can still keep the area “natural” but also avoid the eyesores and make it much cleaner and more visually appealing.  The water may even flow through here better now.

I know it may be hard for you to see the appeal now, but trust me a picture doesn’t do this one justice.  To be able to see the other side of the bank is really nice.  We have some more stuff planned but it turns out cutting two trees and moving all the pieces around the yard takes more energy that you’d expect.

Hey at least we now have two nice woodpiles to burn in the woodstove this upcoming winter.  I should also say: for the record – cutting stuff with a chainsaw is badass.  I really enjoyed the ease of using gasoline and oil powered spinning metal teeth to slice through that wood.

2 thoughts on “Ithaca chainsaw massacre”

  1. until you have seen Paula using a chainsaw in her bra and orange chaps, I don’t think you’ve had the full experience!

  2. Re: cutting things with a chainsaw
    When I helped my parents renovate their house a few years ago, I took down the kitchen cabinets with a chainsaw…and while I tried to angle properly, I’m pretty sure my old man saw my half-stalk the whole time. I strongly, strongly recommend performing at least some home improvements with a lawn maintenance item (chainsaw, chipper/shredder, weedwacker, etc).

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