TOH: Out with the old and in with the new

Wiring that is.  Part 104 of the transformation of the upstairs part of Chelsea’s house is to fix the remaining rooms with ample electrical outlets, and ports for phone, cable, and ethernet  We figure if the walls are open, we might as well increase the appeal of the rooms upstairs and make them more functional for current times.  That and the old wiring looked like this:


You can see the old metal boxes and distribution block that are housing ungrounded wires – brilliant.  Not only are they ungrounded, they might be the original invention of insulated copper wiring with the cloth/paper insulation.  We decided to cut most of these out of the equation in favor of new Romex wiring.  The new circuits required a connection back to the circuit breaker, in the basement of the addition, all the way in the back of the house.

To get there we drilled through the upstairs floor and ran the wires along a joist until we got to the opening in the ceiling of this picture.  From here we Chelsea chiseled/drilled through the slate floor and ran the wires into the old cellar basement, where they continued along their long journey through grommet holes into the “new” basement and finally towards the breaker.

Each room is on its own 15A breaker, and once we got the power to the room we then wanted to distribute it accordingly.  Here is an action shot of Chelsea wiring one of the new outlets together.  9 outlets, 4 light switches, 2 new overhead lights, 3 cable, 2 phone and ethernet ports later we have what we’ll call two nicely wired upstairs bedrooms.  We just need to connect the lights in the closet and turn it all on.  Maybe tomorrow.

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