Not quite Johnny Appleseed

Chelsea and I have been trying to go see the new Batman movie since about two weeks after it hit the theatres.  All our cards were in place, and we were off to lab and then to the Saturday evening showing.  Except when we exited her house, I noticed that a branch from the apple tree was a but lower than usual.  Only inspecting the root of the little branch I failed to notice that a large branch had split and fallen on her house.  With impending storms on they way the rest of the night and weekend, we thought we’d take advantage of the break in the weather and take the branch down before it did any more damage to the house.

This is actually what it looked like after we took the branch off the house.  I wish I had a picture of the “before” situation, but we were a little preoccupied with actually taking the branch down to worry about taking pictures for the man diary.  You can get a good idea where the branch was if you look at the top of the picture.  It was leaning on the right hand side of the chimney and against the roof as well, blocking the view of the upstairs bedroom window.

This shows the tools I used to take the sucker down: an old rope (which we broke once), a water bottle, hockey stick, and muscle.  I was in charge of making sure the tree did not hit the house when it fell, and blow out any windows or siding on the way.  Chelsea on the other hand, was in charge of a much trickier job – unsticking the tree from the house.

Armed with the skillsaw above and superhuman strength, she took to the roof and cut that tree branch by branch until it was close to free from the chimney and roof.  Then in a concerted effort we put all our force and knocked it to the ground.  As you can see from the image above we also managed to do this without touching the house.

Chelsea is back on the roof in this one, inspecting the damage to the shingles and her house.  Minimal damage, and a crisis averted.  Now we just need to cut it up into firewood.

ps – The aftermath of hurricane Ike is bringing in 25+ mph winds right now, so I’m really glad we took this down when we did.

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