Fun from the phone

Like most people, I have a terribly crippled camera on my cell phone that I tend to use from time to time.  You never know when you will find yourself in a spot where you want to take a picture, and not have a camera.  Although I did just get a new camera (topic of another post when I figure out how to use it) I don’t ever remember to bring it with me anywhere.  Here are some randoms from my cell phone that I thought would bring a laugh or two:

Chelsea and I are often greeted by deer that share her yard as part of their territory.  This happens to be a mother and her baby (note the spots) but we get lots of different ones.  There are two young bucks (four and six points) that tend to show up together too.  We are a little confused since they should be enemies.  Maybe they just both really like the apple tree just off to the right of this picture.

I took this picture while on the road toward Darien Lake amusement park.  The side of this 18-wheeler literally said “Reefer Express Lines”.  The jokes write themselves for this one.

This little stretch of road is something of an urban legend.  The story is that the man who wrote the Wizard of Oz, Frank L. Baum is from Chittenango NY which is not too far from here.  Think about the story real quick and you’ll understand what this picture is all about.  Oh yes in better sunlight those very bricks appear yellow.  This is the yellow brick road from the story.  I’ll let you guess where in the area I took this shot.

This is one of my personal favorites – engineering at its worst.  The parking lot outside of the building I work in had been dirt and under construction for about a year, and then they finally restructured and resurfaced it.  The brain trust behind the parking lot decided it was a good idea to put the low point directly in between the two drains (there is another one next to the lamp pole at the top).  I walked past this puddle everytime it rained – which in Ithaca was almost every day this summer – until about 2 weeks ago when I saw a construction crew installing a third drain grate in betwen the other two.  Brilliant.

This summer has been host to a number of spectacular sunsets, some of which I have been able to view from the Slope on Cornell’s campus.  This one was so stunning I had to attempt to capture it with my phone camera.

This sign really made me laugh.  I took this picture at the local municipal golf course down Rt 13.  Just in case you didn’t know, now that you got close enough to read the sign – there are bees.

I wish I had more to write about from the Labor Day weekend festivities, but again I forgot the capable camera and we all know nobody wants to skim a blog post that has no pictures.

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