See ya later (Snarf Snarf)

Today was a sad but relieving day for both Chelsea and me.  We returned the cat we adopted, Snarf the Fierce, to the local animal shelter.  I say sad because we both really liked that little cat.  She is very cute and affectionate, and a little bratty.  The reason we took her back is that she is not housetrained.  And by “not housetrained” I mean she managed to pee on everything in the rooms we coudln’t close off.  She single handidly ruined 3 rugs, maybe a wall, and a nice kitchen floor.  We tried multiple methods to help alleviate her stress, or whatever we could find to make it so she didn’t pee on anything anymore, and it worked for about 2 weeks.

So as much as the two of us really enjoyed having a little fluffy kitty around, we decided the stress wasn’t quite worth it.  Especially considering the other cat is so well behaved.  We are both convinced she will be much happier in a home where she is the only cat, and can be treated like the princess she acts like.  I’m fairly sure she’ll make it to another home quickly, and hopefully she won’t piss everyone off.

2 thoughts on “See ya later (Snarf Snarf)”

  1. First of all, I want to point out that cats suck by nature. They have no personality and all they do is shed hair everywhere. Aside from that, they shit in the same box day in and day out. They don’t flush, they just simply use their feet to rub their shit around some more until it is covered by some more stinky material. Then they leave and come back to the same shit-pile next time they have to take a dump. They bath themselves by licking their own body and the body of others. There is nothing cute about licking the balls of the neighbors cat and then coughing that fur-ball up on your couch. And finally, having a cat around when you get your future wife pregnant puts her at greater risk for having a retarded child pop out. Nothing says I love my future son/daughter like a nice exposure to toxoplasmosis in utero.

    All of that aside, do understand the ramifications of naming a cat after snarf? By choosing that name, you have condemned the cat to a life of isolation, ugliness, annoying-ness and just all around repulsiveness.

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