Weekend activities

Its been a while since I posted any home repair stories so why not give an update of where we are at:

1.  We put up drywall in the hallways

Two examples is enough.  Next task.

2.  We framed in a bedroom closet (which you have seen before, go to the bottom of my last This Old House post) and framed in and started to add drywall to a new hall closet.  There are were no non-bedroom closets in this house so we have made a point to create some.

3.  Design and build a pantry for the kitchen.  I can’t really take any credit for this one.  Chelsea has a huge kitchen with an empty corner that used to be occupied by a washer and dryer.  Why not add more storage?  She designed a non-permanant pantry off the top of her head while we ate lunch the other day, and we purchased the materials this afternoon.  A couple passes of the table saw later and we have some pieces ready to assemble.  Here is an early view of her masterpiece:

I’ll put more pictures of this one up when its finished.  Just a few more shelves to cut and then it goes together.

I also managed to shoot worse than bogey-golf this weekend, go in to lab for a while, and draft one of two fantasy football teams.  I’d say it was pretty productive.

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