turns out I need music

Anyone who knows me well knows that I almost always have music going during the day.  Different tasks require different music: home remodeling = classic rock, staring at genetic code on my computer = trance, mundane tasks in the lab = sports radio, you get the picture.  What I didn’t realize is how accustomed I’ve become to my iPod nano.

I know….I’m THAT GUY.  I always have my ipod in my pocket, and my asymmetric headphones allow me to drape them around my neck when not plugged into my ears.  Its really a matter of convenience.  When I want to tune everything out in the lab I just pop in my headphones and listen away.  Which is why I noticed it so much the past two days.  I have no idea where my iPod is and I’m addicted to it.  More than likely its in the disaster zone I call a desk at work, or in my apartment somewhere.

The reason I write is because I’m curious, does anyone else have an electronic or gadget vice?  I bet those of you with smartphones (and especially iPhones) can’t go a day or two without them at your hip right?  Please leave some comments about what gadget you feel lost without.  (Yes it can even be the internet.  How did we get our news before?)

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