The original olympic event?

Of all the Olympic coverage in the summer I would say that I pay attention to the Track and Field sprints the most. I’ve always been relatively fast for my size, and as a kid was always the fastest in the neighborhood and my classroom.  I even used to run with my hands straight and rigid because that is what Carl Lewis did, and he was superhuman fast.

This year was an anomoly with Michael Phelps being unbelievable, and turning me from a non-interested viewer into a casual fan of swimming.  Womens gymnastics are also interesting to watch, because they make the hardest acrobatics look easy, and for a while there was always at least one girl that was in my wheelhouse.  I watched the gymnastics this year because Chelsea was so interested and could explain the events and difficulty to me.

Anyway, while I may not know the names of the prominent US sprinters anymore, I still want to watch them try and win.  The sprint events (100m, 200m, 400m) are what I consider the ultimate and original Olympic events.  In all seriousness: you and me, lets start here and end there and see who can get there the fastest.  No additional equipment required, and no subjective judging.

Above is a screenshot that I borrowed from NBC(?) showing the results of the men’s 200m final.  I hate to spoil it for you if you are going to watch tonight, but Usain Bolt from Jamaica clearly wins.  These are the fastest 8 men in the world, and he is WAY out ahead for a short distance sprint.  The guy is so fast he pulled up early to hot-dog and celebrate his win in the 100m and still managed to break the world record.  He broke another world record in this race (Michael Johnson’s, another guy I loved watching) and showed definitively that he’s fastest guy on the planet.  I wish I could say that.

One thought on “The original olympic event?”

  1. i honestly think the only time i’ve seen you run is when we ‘rearranged’ the deer in my neighbor’s yard that one night and took off running… you were ahead of me i remember… but that could’ve been because i was laughing too hard… no, i’m just not very fast… but it was hilarious.

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