This Old House: Upstairs part III – closets

At first we thought all we needed to do upstairs was to rip all the old nasty wall down, and then replace it with drywall.  On second thought, once we had the walls open, we should upgrade the wiring and maybe even make some structural changes.  After we were assured that we wouldn’t be cutting any load bearing walls, we planned some changes.

Here is the closet, as unfunctional as it was before we blew out the walls.  Our plan is to move and widen the door.

Here is the inside of the closet, nasty stuff.  We pulled down all the stuff, and may even make a willy wonka door to utilize all the space.

This is the view down the closet from the hallway.  If we have enough room, we may convert the first 2 feet of this into a hallway closet, and then use the rest of it for the bedroom.

Here is a view after we cleared all the old walls out, you can see we have some framing to do, and plenty of room to work with.

A very similar closet is in the adjacent room.  Long, narrow, and sort of useless since the entire space is not easy to access.  We plan to change that a little bit too. We’ll seal off the opening you can see to the left, and then make new doors on the long wall.

You can see what I am talking about here, after we’ve cut a hole in the wall.  More pictures next week after we do some more cutting and framing.

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