This Old House: Upstairs part II

This will be part of a back to back post of what we did this weekend.  Here is a look at the main hallway leading toward the two rooms.  One wall is solid board, the other has been framed in.

Here is a look at the wall that will eventually hold the movie screen.  You can see the back side of the plaster and lathe from the other room.  We had to pull off the equivalent from this wall, and you can see a little bit on the left that we didn’t get to yet.  There is also a white door and a doorway that we plan to seal off, and we may even recycle that door somewhere.

This is the West wall of the room, with the only two windows.  What I think is cool is you can see the old roof line on the wall.  No idea when the other story was added to the old farmhouse, but its cool to see.  I don’t like the hodgepodge nailers that were put up – I’m sure we’ll modify that.

This is a pretty big room, the next post will show the other side of it.

2 thoughts on “This Old House: Upstairs part II”

  1. I’m almost certain you can sell that wood on Craigslist if you haven’t cut it up already. Wood’s at a premium these days. It’d also make a good start on your home theater fund.

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