This Old House: Upstairs and the movie room part I

The next project that Chelsea and I are going to try is the remaining part of the second floor of her house.  Jenn’s room we had to finish in a pinch because her old lease ran out and she needed a place to live, but the rest of the upstairs we thought we could do at a more leisurely pace.  There are two bedrooms and a hallways that we need to tackle, and we started demolition this past week.  This post will take you through what we managed to capture as before pictures.

Here is the first “hallway”.  Its not really a hallway but more like the area above and surrounding the stairs and upper landing.  Part of the wall has already been refinished when the bathroom went in upstairs, but this will be an interesting challenge since we have to make something to cover the stairs in order to work on it (I’m all over it).  You get an idea why we want to refinish it all, the dark wood is not the most uplifting of color schemes.

This picture further illustrates the wall to wall wood that was present.  The door on the left is the new door to enter Jenn’s room, and the one on the right is the new bathroom.  I have a feeling we won’t be seeing that chalkboard again though.

I like this picture because it illustrates all the materials we are trying to remove.  There is a layer of tongue-and-groove wood on top of the old plaster and lathe.  This is especially cool because it was one of the few “outside” corners we encountered.  I really wish the old material was in better condition for a couple reasons: 1) because then we wouldn’t have to move 1500 pounds of basically concrete down stairs and to the dump and 2) because it is probably much better at noise insulation than drywall.

This picture is trying to show the fork in the road upstairs.  The doorway on the right leads into what will eventually be the movie room (why the sound insulation would be great) and the one on the left is another bedroom.  If you look close enough on the right you can see more of that famous wood paneling we love so much.

I also like this picture because you can see how much we’ve done so far.  This pile is made of most of the wood we pulled from the walls – we threw it all out of one of the small windows in the hall.  All it needs now is for me to get a nice day and the energy to cut it up into firewood and we’ll be good to go.

More to come later, we have actually started the next phase of the project: tearing down the plaster and lathe to expose the studs.

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