Foo Fighters Rock Show

Two days ago Chelsea and I attended what we both consider our first concert since moving to Ithaca.  We headed up to the Blue Cross Arena in Rochester to see the one and only Foo Fighters.  I’ve seen them before at what I consider my favorite concert of all time (they opened for the Red Hot Chili Peppers!) but I’ve never seen a show as good as the one we just attended.  I waited a couple days to post because I was trying to upgrade wordpress and I was hoping all the videos would trickle in to youtube.

The video I posted above is my favorite song “Everlong” performed essentially by Dave Grohl by himself.  He gets the band back in for the very end of it and they rock out, but I really enjoyed hearing him play this song this way.  In fact, they played essentially every song I wanted to hear.  Their set was 2.5 hours and we could tell they had been touring together for over a year.  All their transitions were perfect, they had great control of the crowd, and it was just a really really entertaining, good sounding rock show.  I can tell they all enjoy what they do.

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