Whiteface Mountain

One of the highlights of being in the “high peaks” region of the Adirondacks was seeing so many cool mountains around us.  In fact, Whiteface mountain is the number 5 of 46 peaks – not too shabby.  We could definitely see it from our hotel balcony, and I think on a clear day you can see it at least 30 miles away.  This is the location of a ski run, and where they held the downhill skiing for the olympics (the ski jumps will be another post entirely).

I wish this picture could completely capture the enormity of this thing, and how cool it is to see the ski slopes and all the different countries flags lining the entrance.  Another highlight of this part of the trip is the newly(?) opened veterans memorial parkway that allows people to drive to the summit of the mountain.  Nothing like exploring by car.  Here is the entrance to the parkway where we paid the fee to drive straight up for 15 min.

When we go to the top, we had to climb an interesting walkway for another quarter mile to reach the top.  There is actually an elevator but I was hoping that for my first mountain climb I could actually give it a little effort.

This is the observation area and summit weather observatory for the State of New York atmospheric sciences research division.

With this one I’m trying to illustrate how far you can see – we had perfect weather.  If you look carefully on the left you can see the top of the ski slopes.

This picture and all permutations of it are my favorite.  The center of the picture on the top is where our hotel (and Lake Placid) is, we could see it through the binoculars we had.

And an obligatory Chelsea and Nick photo, although I don’t think this one is taken at the top.

If you are ever in the area and have an hour or two to kill, $20, good weather, and new brake pads (side note, definitely follow the advice of the signage and use a lower gear to keep your car at a slower speed, utilizing the engine rather than your brakes) take a trip and visit Whiteface – the views alone are worth it.

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