Brideau’s Beer Scale: The Vermont Pub & Brewery

One of the many things I enjoy about visiting a new city is trying out local beer.  As a home-brewer I can appreciate the technical challenges that go into making a good beer, and especially how hard it is to make many different styles of beer well.  Luckily for me many places I visit have a local microbrewery, and they seem to offer sampler flights of their products.  The Vermont Pub and Brewery was no different.  When Chelsea and I visited Burlington, Vermont we stopped in to the place to try our their brews.  Below I will list each of the beers and then some notes from us along with our ratings.

Here are the six beers we tried:

1.  Forbidden Fruit

This is supposed to be a raspberry lambic style beer.

Nick – taste like watered down raspberry puree / spritzer (#6)

Chelsea – Same. (#6)

2.  Grandslam

This was listed as their summer beer, light and perfect for a baseball game.

N –  nice and light, but with plenty of malt flavor.  I could drink a lot of that one.  (#1)

C –  completely agree, this is my favorite (#1)

3.  Burly Irish Ale

This is their version of a classic Irish red ale.

N – good but it needs more flavor, its missing something (#4)

C – not actually an Irish red! (#5)

4.  Helles Alt

I don’t remember the description but its supposed to be a german beer.

N -too sweet up front and finishes like water (#5)

C – sweet but not too bad, actually flavor in this one (#3)

5.  Bombay IPA

Of course this is their version of the India Pale Ale that seems popular with all the brewpubs.

N -nice up front with aroma and first taste, finishes too flat and bitter (#2)

C – I actually like this one  because it doesn’t linger too long and I hate IPAs (#4)

6.  Smoked Stout

A stout with a definite smoke smell and taste to it.

N – smokey up front,  strong on the nose actually but the flavor is just a bit short (#3)

C – this has all the makings of a good beer but its too watery, not enough texture (#2)

Apparently I got sick of recording the notes while we were tasting because I know we talked about each of the beers more than this.  Anyway you can get a feel about what we thought of the place.  They missed on some of them, while others were just fine.  While we didn’t exactly agree on where each beer ranked on the scale, we did agree on their best and worst ones.  Too bad their best one was supposed to be their lightest.  If you were to ask me how to describe all their beers in a nutshell I would say “watery”. The Vermont Pub & Brewery rates a 2/6 on Brideau’s Beer Scale.

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