Magic Mirror (Lake)

If you thought that the town of Lake Placid was actually located on a lake named Placid you would be wrong.  You would also be just like me, I figured the lake the town surrounds would bear the same name.  It turns out the name of the lake you are looking for is Mirror Lake.  Chelsea and I concluded our celebratory day by having dinner at this very nice restaurant named The Boat House.  We could see it from our hotel (which actually owns it) and the place was recommended to us by my Aunt P as a fantastic place to catch a sunset.

Here is a view from our table inside.  Just to the left of the two trees at the top of the picture is our hotel.

After our meal we went outside onto the deck and took a few more pictures and caught the sunset.  I’m going out on a limb here and saying that the lake is appropriately named.

We managed to see the sun rise and set and still had the energy to enjoy some french champagne.  Not a bad first day of a 2.5 day vacation.

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