Parental Advisory

The first day of our trip around the Lake Placid area took us to places our parents had been years before.  The first stop was through the small burg of Keeseville where my Mom grew up.  Not much to see there really, except I couldn’t imagine growing up there.  Its funny how accustomed we become to certain things.  I never thought I could survive in a place like Ithaca either.  Anyway, here is a picture of the post office where my grandfather worked.

Heading North a little bit we ended up at the place my parents went to college – Plattsburgh State University.  I had visited as a child, but really enjoyed visiting now that I have a better appreciation for a college campus.  It was a nice little place but not much going on.

We then headed back South along the coast of Lake Champlain toward Port Kent, where my grandmother worked.  Port Kent also happens to be the docking site for a ferry that ushers you across the lake to Burlington, Vermont, where Chelsea’s mom grew up. Here we are on the ferry:

Burlington was a great place to visit – definitely a very happening little town.  Below are pictures of where we ate lunch and the brewpub we stopped in to try their beers.  There will be a review of all the beer we had on this trip later.

There was also this really cool pedestrian mall full of all kinds of stores.  Top dollar fashion as well as local chocolate shops were represented and Chelsea and I couldn’t help but think this is what the Commons would be like if it were much cooler.

We also had plenty of time on the ferry to appreciate the spectacular views of the area.  We really were up in the North Country of NY/VT and Lake Champlain is pretty big.


I think I can speak for both of us when I say that we very much enjoyed visiting places our parents used to visit as kids.  I’m sure they will get the same sort of satisfaction knowing we enjoyed the same places they did.  Mom and Dad if you are reading this is only a preview of the stuff we have to show 🙂

3 thoughts on “Parental Advisory”

  1. as cool as the picture with you in front of the sign is… it doesn’t come close to comparing to the Wu-Tang bank in Frankfort… sorry.

  2. Dave never gets it – does he? Who gets engaged in Frankfort, anyway? It’s the North Country Man, it’s wicked cold out there!

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