Full Circle

Chelsea and I just returned from what may go down in history as the best 3-day vacation of all time.  We had an absolute blast and couldn’t have asked for a more perfect time away.  It was also our most photo-filled vacation with some 500+ pictures to remember everything by.  Its too bad a picture can never really recapture what you see or what you are feeling at the time, but it can serve as a good reminder for your mind.  I titled this post full circle for a few reasons, one because the pictures I’ll share below mark the beginning and the end of our trip and 2) because this trip was definitely full circle for both of our families.  We have enough photos and material for at least a week and a half of posts (maybe even guest entries!) so hopefully we can find the time to update often.  For now I leave you with these:

This is the view off the balcony at our hotel in Lake Placid, overlooking Mirror lake and the Adirondacks at sunrise ~5:15am.

And this is the view from the slope at Cornell, just in front of Uris library looking toward Cayuga lake.

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