This Old House: Jenn’s room part V (done!)

We have been waiting about a month for this post.  The process that was renovation of one of the bedrooms upstairs in Chelsea’s house is now 95% complete.  We still have yet to put the door on the closet, but Jenn has started moving her stuff in.  In case you can’t be asked arsed to go through the archives under the category “This Old House” – I’ll put together a quick gallery of before/after.  Keep in mind this used to be the master bedroom (shudder).

A look at the old and new closets and the West wall.

Now a closer look at the West wall and the area for a desk (or bed maybe?)

Continuing around to the Southeast corner of the room:

And a look back at the doorway and East wall:

I am pretty proud of all our hard work.  A HUGE amount of thanks goes to Aaron, because without his help and guidance there is no way this would have been completed in time and correctly.  We are now looking forward to the hallways and other bedrooms, except we can do those on our time.

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