I’ve been a little behind in posting – that probably won’t change much the next few days.  Jenn’s room is 98% done (save for a closet door) so I’ll post pictures of that once I move them to my computer and put together a gallery of before and after.  This past weekend was fantastic though.  I used my creative license and borrowed some pictures from David to sum it up.

Claire came in to town to visit.  We went to an exhibit opening at the Museum of the Earth and then to a whitewater rafting trip up in Watertown NY.  The rafting was what she came into town for and I’m glad she made it.  The weather cooperated at 75 and sunny, and the water was at a high level due to all the recent rain.  The river ran much faster than it did last year, and the rapids were fantastic.  I even managed to get launched out of the boat at a bad time.  We just went down a 15 foot waterfall, and were going through some smaller rapids toward (or actually away) from a giant cave where all the water wanted to funnel.  I popped right out of the boat at a very unexpected time, but caught myself going out on the rope outside of the raft.  In about 0.5 seconds I had two hands on my life vest, one from Chelsea and the other from Claire pulling me right back in the boat.  I had a great time with some great friends.

With this coming weekend being the greatest American holiday, I’ll probably be scarce again until I recover.  Hopefully more stories and pictures to come – but I can’t promise I’ll remember the camera.

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