Space is so cool

Taking a break from posting on the progress of remodeling Chelsea’s house, I have decided to post a web-gem that I stumbled across.

This is a picture taken from NASA’s Phoenix Mars Lander.  Yes that is its robotic arm scooping up some of the surface to examine.  In fact, the blog The Big Picture has 17 stunning images from Mars right here.

Don’t think this is cool?  Well take a look at those pictures, and then think about the enormity of the situation.  At its closest point Mars is approximately 35 Million miles away.  35 Million!  To be able to successfully navigate equipment there, and then to have the technology not fail, and actually cooperate is incredible.  Those are pictures of another planet.  Another planet!  Man the more I think about it space is pretty darn cool.

One thought on “Space is so cool”

  1. that picture looks fake…it’s super cool. who would have thought that mars would look like that. but i ask, why did nasa photoshop out the martians??????????????????????????

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