This Old House: Jenn’s room part IV

Just because it has been a little time since the last update on the remodeling upstairs at Chelsea’s house, doesn’t mean that we haven’t been working on it.  Certain parts took longer than we anticipated – but we should still be able to have the room completed by our deadline of July 1.  Some of the pictures I’ll post below show what I consider a dramatic improvement over what the room was like.  If you want to just see our progress just head over to the navigation bar on the right and click on the “This Old House” category for all my posts.

This picture shows one of the major upgrades to the room: new wires.  We installed many new outlets and also wired the room for phone, cable, and high speed internet.  The wires for the two latter components came complements of Cornell University.

This next pictures shows what the walls all looked like, minus the final vapor barrier.  That insulation sure does taste nice.

This next picture is where you’ll see what I mean by a dramatic improvement.  I’ll post before and after pictures at the end once we’ve painted and the room in finished, but you can scroll through if you want to check out what it used to look like.  Thanks to a tremendous amount of help from Aaron, and some tools from David we managred to put up drywall in the entire room.  Check out the new closet!

This next picture I actually took from inside the closet, but it shows the back and other side wall.  And yes the outlets you see on the wall are boxes for cable, phone and internet.  We wired them to two sides of the room for convenience.  I’ve never had more than one cable out in the wall in any room I’ve ever lived in so that was a new concept to me.

This final picture shows Chelsea cleaning up, and the view from the back corner (next to the closet) back toward the door.

We agree that the room looks good already – but we still have a long way to go to make it look great.  I’ll probably spare those pictures, since mud, taping, sanding, mud, sanding, mud, paint, etc are not terribly exciting.  Then again I may run out of material to post about.

6 thoughts on “This Old House: Jenn’s room part IV”

  1. The drywall sure makes it look a lot closer to “done” in a hurry, doesn’t it?

    Helpful hint: Paint it some light color. And don’t let Jenn pick. Unless you want a half orange, half purple room.

  2. The room is coming along great. If you could put a giant orange tiger paw in the middle of he floor, that would really tie it together.

  3. Grand job, guys, it’s really shaping up. The metal-lined tape will be your salvation for inside corners…and don’t be shy applying the first coat of mud.

    You have white and yellow romex in the first picture…are you putting in some 20A circuits (or is that what Cornell had lying around)?

  4. Sorry about the lighting, I was not able to use my flash because of all the dust circulating in the room – you would only see white speckles in the pictures.

    There is actually only yellow romex and the circuits are 15A. The white wire is super shielded coax from the synchrotron leftovers. There should be a blue (or white) cat5 for the phone line and light blue cat6e for the network. That cat6e is gigabit rated leftovers from the Ezranet upgrade.

  5. If you have 12/2 romex (yellow) going all the way back to the panel, opt for 20A circuits…all you need is a 20A breaker and 20A recepticles, which won’t cost much at all. Totally worth it.

    Cat6 – wow, this is going to be some room!

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