I am an expert in Nameology

Actually I am not an expert in anything, and I am especially terrible with names.  I just like to quote movies more often than I should.  (Can you name that one?).

Actually the reason for this post has to do with names, and specifically my last name.  I have recently setup a statistics package through Google Analytics, and was looking at search engine key words that have been associated with my site.  Turns out one of them is my last name.  So I did a quick google search of my own to find that if you just search my last name that my own site is a top 10 hit.  Not a surprise, and not the first time I’ve “googled” myself, but the links listed above my site were what sparked my interest.  Most of them were related to genealogy and tracing my family ancestors.  By clicking through the links quickly I found this:

My family crest / coat of arms.  Now I’m not sure how much faith to put in this image.  Could it be my family crest from back in the 1700s?  This is where I’m asking for input.  I have always had a small interest in tracing my family, and finding out all sorts of information about my heritage – although not large enough to ever do anything about it.  I was contacted by a distant relative once who claimed to have all sorts of information but would only release it if I had something for him.

I was hoping that in this digital age with all the social networking sites (I have at least 10 facebook friends based solely on the Brideau common denominator) and additional resources at my disposal that my genealogy would be easy to learn about.  I just don’t know where to start.  There are lots of websites out there advertising all the information I’m looking for, but all the ones I’ve managed to find are fee based.

Anyone have a good experience with online family histories?  Have any advice for a guy that doesn’t have too much time on his hands?  Got any interesting stories about your family history?  Please post some comments.

4 thoughts on “I am an expert in Nameology”

  1. National Archives in Utah and DC is the best place to start – but you’ll have to go there in person most likely. My father spent a few years building our genealogy from scratch – I can ask him for more pointers if you’re interested.

  2. MY Dad has spent years researching our family history, a couple of interesting pointers…we are officially related to the Queen- and not even that many generations back! And one of my mother’s distant ancestors was a poet and actually had one of his poems stolen by William Shakespeare and used in is play “A Comedy of Errors”. The same relative was also knighted by the then Queen Elizabeth, but he refused to travel to London to accept the Knighthood as he couldn’t afford it, and so he was fined!!! Sorry…didn’t mean to rant on 🙂

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