Think you could break 100 on a US Open course?

If you know me then you know that I am a big fan of golf.  The PGA has four “major” events, and one of them is coming up this weekend – starting tomorrow.  The US Open is supposed to be one of the toughest of the four because the conditions of the course are always so difficult.  They grow the rough really long, cut and roll the greens so short its like putting in a parking lot, and each hole is usually lengthened so that the average player would take an extra shot.  Last year when the scores for the tournament weren’t very good (relatively speaking of course) Tiger Woods said in a press conference something along the lines of “the average 10 handicapper couldn’t break 100 out there”.  Par for the course is usually around 70-72 per 18 holes, and most of the pros were scoring right around that number.  What Tiger said was that the average player who would normally shoot 82 (where the 10 handicap comes from) couldn’t shoot lower than 100 on that course it was so hard.

Golf Digest decided to take this idea and run with it, and they sponsored a contest to see if the average 10 handicapper could indeed break 100 on a US Open course.  The foursome (golf is usually played in 4s) was composed of the contest winner, Tony Romo (an NFL quarterback), Matt Lauer (the TV guy) and my brother from a different mother Justin Timberlake.  Channeling his inner Phil Cyr he dressed up for the occasion.

The four players got in 18 holes in tough US Open conditions and how many do you think broke 100?  Two.  The professional athlete (who is the best of the group) and JT.  Not too bad.

I always like the US Open because it usually coincides with Fathers Day.  It reminds me of my Dad because we used to play golf together every Sunday in the summer, and we have been to see the US Open – on Fathers Day.  And since I may not get to post this weekend, Happy Fathers Day Dad, I wish we could try and break 150 out there.

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