This Old House: Jenn’s room part III

Since both Chelsea and I have no real experience building things (aside from a few stints with Habitat for Humanity) we weren’t really sure how to best tackle the project that will become Jenn’s room.  Luckily for Chels, our friend Aaron is really good at carpentry/engineering/electronics and he was nice enough to volunteer his expertise and energy to help meet the July deadline.

Because Chelsea wanted additional electrical outlets and a phone and cable connections in the room (rooms?) upstairs, we figured since we already gutted the room might as well put them in.  The two of them ran wires from wherever the wires needed to be run from, up to the room.  One problem was that in order to accomodate for the electrical boxes in the walls, they needed to put up some framing.  Here they are framing around the new window.

Here is that same window and accompanying wall after all the framing has been put in place.  We also put framing up on the opposite wall for many purposes.

On the left side of this picture is a section of the wall that had been damaged years ago by water, so the framing is a support for the roof.  You can also see the wiring through the floor, and some additional boards.  This is the new closet.  The process of framing wasn’t too bad actually with 3 people working.  Aaron designed the entire thing on the fly.  I cut the studs to whaver dimensions were ordered by either Chels or Aaron and they nailed them up.

The next step will be to replace the supports crossing the ceiling rafters, and then to put up a vapor barrier and attach furring strips.  Then we’ll be ready to hang the drywall.  More updates to come this week hopefully.

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