Summertime…..(and the livin’s easy)

The national holiday of Memorial Day usually marks the beginning of summer for many, including me.  I usually use that day as a benchmark for annual events.  For example, I like to put my plants in the ground, and wax my car around Memorial Day.  This past weekend was no different.

Our friends Sam and David have a sweet wakeboarding boat, and they are nice enough to invite us out for some fun on the lake quite frequently.  This weekend marked the first trip Miss Green took onto Cayuga lake, and we were happy to tag along.  The lake wasn’t too busy for a holiday weekend, (though I hear we picked the right day) and the weather was cooperative.  The only thing that wasn’t very inviting was the water temperature (55-57 degrees).  As you can see that didn’t stop some of us, including me, from jumping in for the first swim of the year.

You may or may not have a good idea of what 55 degree water feels like, but I’ll give you a reference that I mostly stole from David (thanks for the picture too):  Thanks to the campus-wide steam shutdown Cornell we have no hot water.  I just measured the temperature of tap water to be 68 degrees.  That is what it feels like to take a shower with no hot water.  The lake was more than 10 degrees colder than that – and it felt like it.  I jumped in and was unprepared for the cold, and therefore unable to take a full deep breath.

Another activity we spent a fair amount of time at (in addition to TOH stuff) was outdoor / yardwork.  Chelsea used her brand new lawnmower to make the grass look nice, as well as straighten up her herb garden you can see on the right above.  I was busy cutting all the wood we pulled from Jenn’s room into smaller strips to make up a woodpile, and making benches that now surround the firepit in the back.  You can see some of my progress in the back right of the picture.

Next weekend we may get to finishing the backyard so she can host a nice party / bonfire sometime, but we’ll see if all that work is in the cards.  I may just put my plants in and wax my car.

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