I hate Ticketmaster

I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that I really don’t like Ticketmaster.  One one hand, I really do appreciate the convenience of being able to sit in my bed and order tickets to the show I want to see, but they have quite the racket.

Thanks to some good music by David on their boat this weekend, I was mentioned that I’d really like to see the Foo Fighters in concert again.  And thanks to Ticketmaster I could search and buy tickets to a show in late July playing in Rochester NY.

While I expected an additional charge for buying my tickets online, I didn’t expect them to be at such an exorbitant rate.  Does it really cost an additional $10 per ticket because I clicked a button?!?  AND the order processing charge isn’t even built in to the “convenience” charge?  What am I paying for?  If I ever get the time, I think I’ll call to ask for an explanation to the additional charges to see if I get them to admit they are just exploiting me for profit.

As a consolation prize, because I purchased two tickets online through ticketmaster, I get two $0.99 song credits at the iTunes store to either use, or pass on to a friend.  Thanks but I think I’ll explore better alternatives for buying tickets in the future.

2 thoughts on “I hate Ticketmaster”

  1. Amen. There has been a movement – albeit slow – from some artists to get away from ticketmaster, although some arenas insist upon it because they aren’t footing the extra bill. Personally, I’d rather they just charge additionally for the tickets and make it look like there are no surcharges…at least wear a skimask if you’re gonna rob me.

  2. If you think that’s bad. I got 8 tix to a Cubs game from StubHub. They charged an extra 10% on the total and, essentially, put it as a “Because we can” charge. This was in addition to shipping and handling charges. It was like buying two extra tickets.

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