This Old House: Jenn’s room part II

Once we pulled all the wood off the walls and threw the big pile of it out the window into the yard (literally) it was time to tackle the ceiling.  It looked bowed and bulgy and not that nice, so an executive decision was made to take it down.  I was expecting nothing short of 5 more layers of ceiling, and true to history it was the same.

I will try to number them so they are easier to see, but right now  you can see the drywall, 2 layers of fake wood / cardboard, another layer of a paper-like material, the old plaster and lath, and then the original beam.

Here is an action shot of Chelsea pulling down the first layer.  It got so dusty and nasty in the room when we pulled stuff down we were forced to wear masks, and in her case snowboarding goggles to protect her eyes.  Actually that is one of the reasons I have taken so long to post, we had to let the dust settle enough for the camera to take pictures of the action instead of the flash lighting up the dust.

Here is the resulting mess, about as much as you’d expect from 5 layers of ceiling being pulled down.  The fun part is over, now we have to somehow transport the entire mess somewhere.  Right now the plan is to load up her Jeep and take it to the dump in stages.

Here is the final picture, you can see the rafters, what will be the ceiling and the 2×16 boards on the walls.  You may also be able to see the old cloth insulates wiring for the light above and the strange looking outlet on the wall.  If anyone in Ithaca knows of a good electrician that will be willing to do some free lance work please let me or Chels know.  She wants to put in some additional outlets and I’m not comfortable with that type of work.

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