This Old House: Jenn’s room part I

Since I will be enjoying lots of quality time this upcoming summer with Chelsea fixing and building stuff on her house I decided to create a new category of posts: “This Old House”.  I’d like to document many of the projects we do, as they are going on.  This is likely for many reasons, including having some sort of tangible progress we can enjoy, and maybe even to help in the resale.

One of our classmates, Yenny (Jenn) will be arriving in the beginning of July, we should probably get to gutting and repairing her room.  Many of the bedrooms upstairs are lined with wood paneling, and have interesting ceilings.  Our plan is to replace all the wood paneling and old ceilings with nice sheetrock, build real closets, and just make the rooms look like they haven’t been left in the 70’s.  Here is a sample of what her room started out looking like:

You can clearly see here, the wall to wall wood is very open, bright, and modern.  Especially the custom wood closet.

I like this picture because it will give you an idea what we are dealing with – 5 layers of wall.  We have to remove all these layers before we can level them out and put on the drywall.  What you can see above is wood paneling, nasty wallpaper, plaster, lath (wood strips) and then the 2×16 boards that date back to 1840.

Then we got into demolition mode and tore down the first layer of wood paneling.

The only thing left to be taken down are some nice cedar planks that we’ll likely recycle into the new closet.  The rest of the walls are plaster, that may be part II.

You can see the walls a little better here, but also you can see how much wood we have to remove before we can get to part II…

4 thoughts on “This Old House: Jenn’s room part I”

  1. Not sure where that room is in the house, but it looks like there may have been some mildew on the layers underneath. I suggest a bleach+water spongebath to the walls before putting up new drywall.

  2. Holy over-sized doorknobs. Was that room made out of wooden Duplos? Maybe you guys should be wearing Hazmat suits or maybe just gowns from the mouse room.

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