What are you spending your “Stimulus Plan” money on?

I got a notice yesterday that said my U.S. Government Economic Stimulus check should be in the mail within the next 6 weeks – turns out it was already deposited into my account electronically.  It got me to thinking, what will people be spending their money on?  My buddy Ed has a theory that all the major electronics companies (and stores) will be selling a flat screen TV for right around $600.  You know, like the 32 inch 720p LCD TV they have at Best Buy for $599. Sounds like a perfect idea for an economy boost to me, give the people 600 dollars they can spend on foreign electronics.  I’m also pretty sure that I’ll be parking the money until its time for me to bite the bullet and buy a projector for the home theater that has yet to be built.


One thought on “What are you spending your “Stimulus Plan” money on?”

  1. Go in halves with Chelsea and get the Panasonic PT-AX200U projector ~$1200. If money’s tight after that, you can build your own screen for $100, and you’re set.

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