Apparently cats are territorial (and unpredictable)

Chelsea has a 3 year old cat that is pretty quiet, playful and has a tiny meow (he’s also 16 lbs so its funny to hear a small noise out of a large cat).  He also used to have a cat-friend but when her roomate moved out this spring the old cat left, and in the few weeks since his departure her cat has become quite lonely.  He is very vocal and in need of more attention than we have time to give.  We decided to visit the local SPCA to try and find a new cat-friend.

And here she is:

The shelter gave her the name “Vickie” but since that is my Mom’s name, and not a good name for a cat, I suggested the name “Snarf”.  I think that name is much more fitting, stolen from Thundercats, here is the original Snarf

Our little Snarf is a real sweet little cat, she loves people and is possibly the softest cat I have ever pet.  The problem is, Chelsea’s current cat (Gato) doesn’t really like having a new chick in the house.  We first introduced them and he tried to kill both Snarf and Chelsea.  I have never seen a cat go crazy like that.  We think he is a little retarded and once the switch flips its over, and unfortunately she has the hand-muscle injuries to prove it.

We have them separated in rooms where they can see each other through the glass, and smell each other through the door but don’t have any contact.  Our next introduction will be a little further down the road and much more careful.

If you are in the area, you should come visit little Snarf – she’s very cute.

3 thoughts on “Apparently cats are territorial (and unpredictable)”

  1. I suggest throwing that cat off the roof of a large building. Cats serve no purpose and are lame animals. They have no personality and live in their own spit-up balls of fur. On top of that, they shit in the same box for months on end and just shuffle it around with their feet.

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