Vote for Student Trustee

If you are a member of the Cornell student body (undergraduate or graduate) please take a moment to cast your vote for student Trustee.  Cornell is one of very few Universities that grants full voting privileges to students.  There are two seats available, one designated for undergrads and one for grad students.  Voting can be done online through uportal

Here is the candidate that I endorse, Mike Walsh:

I encourage you to check out his website (votemikewalsh) for more information.

I think the other three candidates mean well, but I don’t think they have the communication skills, leadership ability, experience and personality that Mike does to be the best candidate for student trustee.

Even if you don’t vote for Mike, I am encouraging you to cast your vote.  The more students (especially grad students) that turn out for the vote will show the Trustees and the University execs that our voice needs to be heard.

You have until Wed at 10am to vote.  Please do.

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